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[Chicagostock Trading] (2:56:39 PM): Todays trades paid for the years worth of subscription. 
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:57:12 PM): well done
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:00:47 PM): well you are the master!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:01:04 PM): Dear Professor Solaka,...sorry I was late for class... that was a super-informative lecture on your webinar...well worth the subscription fee, all by itself..I just need to review it, and the others, if they're archived...if not, no biggie, will just catch the next ones..thank you
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:08:40 PM):  Big thanks for the ideas Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:01:38 PM): Thanks stew. Awesome work
Chicagostock Trading] (11:52:09 AM): Nice call Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:44:06 AM): sweet bond call - thanks stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:02:24 PM): magic Stew - nice work
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:06:30 PM): nice CL trade, mate!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:48:14 PM): nice monday...good start to the week stewart
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:05:44 PM): nice are en fuego....the short side treating you right
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:42:05 PM): *nice* trade off that window. way to stay on your toes.
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:36:24 AM): nice stew - good call on gold
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:40:28 AM): stew - u r the man! oil paying
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:08:04 AM): That was a great ZB call
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:08:56 AM):  red hot today stew, red hot!
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:54:51 PM): Great example Stewart - thank you.  Goal met.  Great day.  Thanks again.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:50:58 PM): Stew is an animal
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:51:07 PM): yes he is peter.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:49:58 AM): nice stew - well done
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:05:35 AM): v nice stew - thanks
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:11:16 PM): Thanks for the ideas Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:16:07 AM): absolutely excellent trading stewart.....huge winners and smart exits.....very good examples
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:42:51 PM): You too Stew - thanks for advice, trades, patience .. yadda, yadda, yadda!  Really appreciate it.  Have a terrific Thanksgiving.
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:35:20 AM): can take a few months off
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:35:30 AM): PLEASE DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:42:06 AM): Stew - awesome ES trade.  Thank you.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:42:12 AM): awesome trade - it looked like a long shot but you nailed - magic! thanks
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:47:46 PM): no matter your bias or book Stew..luv that u call it the way U see it
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:15:18 AM): stew - great trade, man
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:30:07 PM): My humble thanks, Stew.  All credit due my mentors.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:46:05 AM): frick'ing amazing trade there Boss
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:01:29 AM): yea nice trade stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:07:03 AM): Quickest swing trade yet!
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:07:14 AM): all yours! the congrats that is
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:07:40 AM): another nice trade.
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:55:05 AM): Stew's the magic man
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:30:31 PM): Ever seen those signs - WWJD?  My new one is WWSD?
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:31:08 PM): Those bumper sticks - What Would Jesus Do?
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:31:13 PM): I'm replaced Jesus with Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:45:09 AM): Amazing that trade with Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:53:41 AM): good call on that Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:25:56 AM): great call out bro
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:36:25 AM): great silver trade stew -
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:19:48 PM): are the man for turning me onto this  tic chart in gold
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:36:50 PM): Nice trade Stew. (ZB)
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:27:32 AM): I'm telling you, my teachers (very patient people) know their stuff.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:11:56 AM): So I'm seeing.  Great trades by Stew last night.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:35:03 AM): nice CL trade BTW
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:03:58 PM): you too Stew...thanks for the great callouts and prep work.
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:04:07 PM): have a good weekend you guys.....great to share idea with you all each day
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:10:52 PM): Stew it's great to be back trading with you.  Great group on the chat.
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:45:54 PM):  "That was easy!"
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:48:06 AM): youthe man stew.....that nazdaq gap fill you mentioned has my attention as well
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:50:54 PM): I trade in Stew's zone.  That works for me!
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:17:32 AM): Stew appreciate the awesome insight!!!  Helped today
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:43:54 PM): Thanks - see you Monday.  Great ES trade ..
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:57:55 AM): nice you guys...I forgot to have that on my radar
[Chicagostock Trading] (5:42:28 AM): Great way to start the day!
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:53:57 AM): Nice Stew.  Thanks.  Go runner ...... !!!!
Chicagostock Trading] (7:27:36 AM): Good job getting filled on that 1320 level.  And nice target placement!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:40:21 AM): Stew....many thanks for the coaching thru this one...big help
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:44:01 AM): nailing it again
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:44:49 AM): You think Stew wears some sort of Cape, pete? You know, when he uses the Cryastal Ball?
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:45:19 AM): Dark room, glowing globe, incense burning ...
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:45:27 AM): Wizard's hat.
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:46:33 AM): have to start calling him Merlin
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:40:10 AM): great call were way ahead on it
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:05:39 PM): Kudos to Stewart for target 2 being hit.
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:48:40 PM): and your futures service is a big part of my day stew.....I've told you this before, but the arragement of pivots and vol levels that you provide is widespread and EXACTLY what you need to follow the don't need to add, you don't need to cut back...good stuff man
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:56:54 PM): agree. great stuff Stew.  Keep up the good work.  Your pivots/windows H/L strategy has helped me a lot over the last year
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:20:05 AM): great read Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:44:14 AM): nothing to do but enjoy the ride
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:21:58 AM): GM Stewart Excellent ZB :-$
Chicagostock Trading] (7:44:48 AM): yes stew - a GREAT call 
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:47:32 PM): later everyone.  first week using this service and learning a lot from everyone. thanks and have great weekend!
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:09:54 PM): silver is working off your call stewart....thanks for that one...great timing
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:59:52 PM): Thank you Stewart you are doing a great job.
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:38:22 PM): Do you like Stew's scud missile trades, or would you be open to ranges and leave the entry to you?
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:47:43 PM): We're due a killer trade .. haven't had one in a day or two.
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:15:33 AM): Excellent trading with CL yesterday / today.  Great scalps.
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:51:44 PM): appreciate the advice.  thx again.
Chicagostock Trading] (10:09:32 AM): spot on Stew...
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:25:13 AM): Hey Stew - awesome GC trade!  NQ not too bad either!
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:55:12 PM): Hey Stew - see if you can pull another of those GC trade's tonight.  Scud missile accuracy.  Loved it!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:58:30 PM): great job this week stew. have a good weekend everyone
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:51:03 AM): Great ES trade .. didn't hold ZB, but no complaints!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:52:32 AM): u use gas Stew?
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:53:39 AM): thought so b/c you are COOKING!
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:15:02 AM): good call on the squeeze Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:26:41 AM): Good job Stewart ES :-).
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:28:07 AM): And HG.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:20:18 AM): Very nice trade!
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:05:15 AM): sweet calls today Stew...been
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:49:59 PM): Stew has an "in" over there!
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:06:25 PM): Thanks Stew - great day.  See you tomorrow.  G'night all.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:04:17 AM): Nice re-entry in HG too
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:30:26 AM): That was easy!
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:30:28 AM): NG.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:01:14 AM): good risk management
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:48:58 AM): Great trade Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:45:19 PM): Euro trades covered my ES losses and left about $200 .. so not all lost.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:49:02 AM): 6 handle romp since the swing ES fill - S-A-WEEEET.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:49:23 AM): good job Stewart.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:49:31 AM): Talk about timing.
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:06:15 AM): Stew - are you married?  This ES trade makes me want to marry you!
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:47:23 PM): Excellent job.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:45:13 AM): stew - we are on the brink of a major pay day - fingers crossed
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:09:29 PM): good call bailing on es. later all
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:22:36 AM): Nice trade.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:27:40 AM): Hi Stew - TGT 1 Euro - thank you!
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:44:10 AM): #sweet ... great trade folks
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:02:34 PM): i'm done as well. congrats on the trades this week.  thanks everyone.
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:16:30 AM): stew. nice in the natgas!!....I watching this silver on this bigger .618 level that tried to hold the there a reversal level in silver for today?
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:25:50 AM): Nice Stew - thanks.
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:20:48 PM): perfect timing on that Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:22:06 PM): nice way to go out Stew - good trading
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:26:18 PM): #sweet scalp
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:05:01 PM): great trades stew and perfect way to leave before vacation!  congrats.
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:25:48 PM): we were already reaping profits by then
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:02:10 PM): Stews back!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:14:35 AM): and Stews levels are great places to plan a trade from
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:53:08 AM): #sweet es call
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:12:29 AM): #SWEET!
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:13:05 AM): Nice Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:21:10 AM): Hi Stew - made some $ on the trade, thanks.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:54:26 AM): nice stew - thanks
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:04:22 AM): nice GC trade
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:38:23 PM): Nailing those metal trades Stew!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:35:53 AM): Nice CL trade Stew!
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:00:14 PM): Nice Stew!
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:06:46 AM): Great explanation of the ZB trade that we took o/n.  Couldn't have planned that any better!
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:38:15 AM): real nice trade
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:57:50 PM): Good night & thanks again Stew for fixing my NINJA.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:46:24 AM): nice stew
Chicagostock Trading (7:47:30 AM): fastest 60 in gold ever
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:47:43 AM): very yeah..holy cow!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:47:51 AM): nice trade
Chicagostock Trading (9:15:26 AM): Close GC runner at 1618, fast moves like this in a day dont come this often, take money and run
Chicagostock Trading (9:16:22 AM): 126
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:17:18 AM): very nice Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:03:51 AM): really well tradedd - today and yesterday - thanks
Chicagostock Trading] (9:15:34 AM): definately a couple of winners there Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:50:01 AM): Amazing discipline Stew .. I was gone at target 2.  Well done.  I wish I could trade more like you.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:50:51 AM): Excellent stewart
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:20:05 AM): nice post the other day on the YEN Stew..
[Chicagostock Trading] (4:54:33 PM): nice trade
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:45:19 AM): Nice ES trade yesterday
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:38:00 PM): Good job with the wider stop for the swing
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:15:57 AM): all out ES . Good trade Stewart.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:51:39 AM): give your runners a hug
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:13:50 AM): Nice stop placement for swing CL Stew. Entry would have been taken out.
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:32:43 PM): Nice trade Stew, thanks.  Even hung on to a runner (so far!!)
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:41:53 PM): Excellent Stewart 2nd tgt 6e.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:42:59 AM): Stewart is fast with those charts! lol
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:06:55 PM): Nice Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:07:40 PM): Excellent Stewart.
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:09:19 PM): nice stew#
Chicagostock Trading] (2:52:50 PM): later. pat yourself on the back for navigating through all this.  good job.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:29:59 AM): Another nice ES Stew- thanks.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:34:11 AM): thanks stew.  I did not even think about the c&h possibility
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:34:20 AM): another good ES trade o/n
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:37:32 AM): you r doin work today my man.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:02:56 AM): I'm in a happy place :-)
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:22:15 PM): great work this week - thank you
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:44:27 PM): stew, nice call on your trades this week.  I'm out.  everyone have a great weekend. thx
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:56:26 PM): Scary good Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:05:10 PM): flipping heck stewart, well done
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:31:06 PM): Good job Stew, thanks
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:39:46 PM): Good day today.  Thanks stewart! 
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:25:43 PM): Nice trade!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (5:47:34 AM): What a spectacular way to start the day!!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (6:55:54 AM): haha yea... nice way to wake up
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:45:50 AM): Fantastic trade Stew - thanks.  Let's see if TGT 3 is doable!
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:03:31 AM): I think I want to marry you Stew.  Again.
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:10:53 PM): Rocking end to the week / month.  Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:41:58 AM): letter trade..thanks...lot of good trades the last week it looked like,
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:43:40 AM): Stew basically killed it last week.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:39:31 AM): really liked that Crude trade...i may need to get my playbook together for that one again
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:39:46 AM): True .. but I had the best week / month of my trading career thanks to him!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:40:41 AM): Yes, very exciting & very humbled by what Stew does for us.
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:33:01 AM): nice Stew!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:48:31 AM): CL target 2 on deck!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:27:43 AM): Nice trade Stew.  Both of them.  A lesson in patience for sure.
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:44:55 PM): Nice entry Stew .. for ES Swing.  Let's go 1440~
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:50:10 PM): nice call stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:55:39 PM): Good job Stewart.
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:23:53 PM): well traded Stew - expert stuff
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:14:07 AM): took a while stew .. but u got me there
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:27:55 AM): You know, as hard as it is to do, it really works much better.  Stewart has told me many times to just place the orders, the stops, and then walk away and let the trade work.  If you sit here watching every tick, you'll mess this up.
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:05:34 PM): Nice job Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:14:31 PM): Early start to w/e!
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:04:20 AM): Nice Euro!
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:21:56 PM): Good day Stew - thanks.  G'night everyone.
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:56:27 PM): cheers..nice start to the week
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:48:23 AM): nice trade stew on euro
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:24:29 AM): If this helps, stew gives levels to act on. If you really want the trade make sure to bump up the bid or offer some. Nothing is 100%, but the levels are typically spot on as shown by the. 25 miss.
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:26:06 PM): Since about 8th grade, right Stew?
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:26:19 PM): lol
[Chicagostock Trading] (11:28:30 AM): Nice Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:53:44 PM): Nice levels
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:55:45 AM): If you get the nightly email Marc, all open positions are listed at the bottom.
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:57:58 AM): nice trade
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:25:18 AM): great strategy
[Chicagostock Trading] (12:43:52 PM): gotta run, nice calls today!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:26:03 AM): stew i followed your shrt ES trade from last night, working well
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:28:13 AM): Nice thing about Stew's trades is that there's no ambiguity .. precision entries & precision exits.  But whatever you're comfortable with!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:53:45 AM): You're in good hands though!
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:55:58 AM): stew's nightly emails give updates on each swing trade. easy to look that up regarding status of ZB swing
[Chicagostock Trading] (10:08:19 AM): See the merit of just taking Stew's targets?  A lot less angst!!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:23:47 PM): enjoyed the week. you have a good trading room
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:42:40 AM): nice work Stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:50:00 AM): very nice
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:50:08 AM): nice job stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:41:05 AM): Nice trade.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:17:52 AM): yes, august thru december had some great swing opps
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:24:01 AM): and Stew did a good job at nailing some of those
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:50:17 AM): yea great call stew
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:02:32 AM): Great to have a new person in the room.  As you probably can tell, we're in great hands with Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:03:31 AM): yes, Stew is very good
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:55:14 AM): We need a Stew-special with ZB.  One of those 4 targets fulfilled trades!  Could you work on that?
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:00:54 PM): The swing long was terrific.
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:41:30 PM): Stew - I'm heading out early today .. thanks for good ES short.  
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:20:12 AM): Sombrero Hat (stew) is OK. Hoodie is a no.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:20:32 AM): We love Stew no matter what he's wearing - hoodie or not!
[Chicagostock Trading] (1:13:57 PM): KA-BOOM
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:38:34 AM): good trade
[Chicagostock Trading] (7:51:15 AM): stew's levels are all good
[Chicagostock Trading] (8:15:46 AM): V nice Stew.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:20:22 AM): Come on ES .. give us target 1!!!!!
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:26:15 AM): That's what I'm talking about.
[Chicagostock Trading] (9:26:26 AM): nice trade
[Chicagostock Trading] (2:58:15 PM): Good job Stew!
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:00:46 PM): Some nice trades today Stew, thanks.  See you for the big # tomorrow!
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:46:50 PM): #nice ...great call outs Stew..kudos to all that got some!
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:47:15 PM): #werock
[Chicagostock Trading] (3:48:35 PM): Good trade P.



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