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Paul, Bernanke, and Dollars Under the Mattress

During the last FOMC conference on January 25th, we highlighted Chairman Bernanke's comments about how the inflation rate only hurts one if they "do their life savings in a mattress"  

Today, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul questioned Chairman Bernanke on this comment:

4:50- "In January at one of your press conferences you said that, you sort of poked a little bit of fun at people to downplay the 2 % inflation rate. But if you say it's 2, I say its 9, lets compromise for the sake of argument its 5%.  You said that it doesn't hurt you unless you're one of those people who stick their money in a mattress, but where are you going to put it? Are you going to put it in a CD and not make any money at all?"


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