Stewart is the best trader that I've ever come across in my many years of trading. He is an absolutely brilliant, true professional who works extremely hard at and does an outstanding job sharing his knowledge by providing daily market analysis, charts, webinars, levels, etc. that are accurate and easy to understand and follow. Also, he posts real time/live entries, exits, stops and scale out prices for a handful of primary focus futures instruments (mainly the ES) that results in consistent profits! Any losers are kept small and the winners can be huge. Everything is transparent as he shows each and every one of his day trades on a live screen. Commentary on his market insights in the chat room throughout the day is also phenomenally helpful. He even frequently gets on the speakers during the cash-session hours to analyze market conditions and trades executed. By following his trades, I'm finally able to them long enough to make much larger profits than I've been able to in the past. Normally, my bad habit was to turn many trades intended to be structure to structure swings into scalps for small profits. His trade management skills have been invaluable to follow real time and it's what I need to become a consistent successful trader. I'm truly grateful to have found this trade room/service. Trading is way less stressful and much more enjoyable now. I can't wait for each trading day to start! Thank you Stewart!!! :)

Lisa Chen

Hard to put into words how good this trading room is and how good your host is. The Best trading room anywhere.Professional and totally focused. One host, One goal, chart reading skills 2nd to none.Your host, Stewart/Chicagostock, is 2nd to none in every which way - from chart reading skills, trade entry/exits, education and the list goes on. Straight forward, precise information. You don't have to trade futures to benefit from the room. If you want market direction for active day trading or play the bigger longer trends, there is no one better than Stewart your host. Happy Trading Andrew


I have traded, mainly stocks and options, for quite awhile with limited success and no overall strategy. In the year that I've followed Stewart, I've enjoyed his concise, direct style. Picking up skills that were honed in his web tutorials and in the chat room, I'm enjoying trading and having more and more success. He focuses primarily on a few products, and I can follow his frequent market updates. They are void of difficult jargon and his daily market emails are straightforward and a good prep for the next trading day. He's always accessible and motivates me to develop my own style. I've had great success in learning the markets and trading. Thank you, Stewart. Making money and enjoying it.

I have taken the holloh seminar and followed Stewart for 2 years. He is the the best I have followed.I have tried quite a few services and he is easy to understand and has improved my trading vastly. If you are hesitant about joining the room, try it for a month and you will see how easy to follow and understand his trades. He is very good at explaining why he took the trade, winner or loser!
Stewart Just wanted to say since going through your seminar, my trading skills has dramaticaly improved. I have been trading for last 18 years, and I learned more going through the seminar than I did the entire 18 years combined. I have to just say thanks for everything, your service is mind blowing with the accruate calls and the consistant profitable trades. The best thing about your service I enjoy the most is the abiltiy to monitor your trades in real time and also to ask any question and receive answers in real time. This is unlike any other services that I have purchased in the past. I would advise anyone to take the seminar if they are really wanting to improve there trading skills. These skills that i have learned from the seminar has allowed me to to trade my IRA's also by using the index etf's. One thing that I tell everyone, is that you have once again made trading fun for me and a lot less stressful. Thanks
Scott Sturgill
Your service is not only giving profitable trade ideas, but teaching me how to analyze markets. I appreciate that, and your detailed answers to my questions.
To all aspiring and current traders...Stewart is the real deal! While this industry has its share of snake oil salesman you won't find it with Stewart. He is a true professional in the trading industry. Stewart cut his teeth at the Chicago Board of Trade and is now a successful independant trader, trading his own money. This takes years and he is one of the elite. One thing I really admire about him is his ability to take an industry that is complicated and simplify it while being wildly profitable. Thanks Stewart for being a trusted professional and thanks for all the great is priceless.
Wow! Stewart was my futures broker at LaSalle way back when SI (5000-ozt silver) margin was only $7K. He was the best broker I ever had, but their trading platform wasn't. Back then Stewart was day-trading live with his clients with no extra charge. I'm very glad to see that he's now charging for the privilege of getting his real-time trading insights. Stewart is a brilliant chart reader, but he's smart enough to always learn something new ... from almost anyone. He might be focusing on the trendlines, and you might notice that they're also Fib levels. C'est la guerre!
Thanks again for all your help. I used your ES trade on Friday differently, I bought Google Weekly calls expiring that day, they exploded after 2pm they went from .55 to $5. I need more tweeking on when to get out, I know they went higher. I cannot thank you enough for your teaching!! Slowly but surely for me. Thanks again! I think the SPY calls did even better.
Steve M.
I have known Stewart for five years and he is one of the best technical analyst I have seen. I have seen him make excellent calls in the market. For instance he had a great call on going long Crude @ $40.00 a barell. Stewart's system has helped me learn how to trade various markets such as the SP500, Gold, and the Euro, which he had a great short recommendation. I have tried other services, but with Chicagostock trading I get a daily news letter with pivots, trade ideas, and even support. Thanks Stewart, I would recommend you to anyone needing or wanting trade ideas.
Alberto P